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InstaCirculars+ (IC+)

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Revolutionizing e-Circulars!

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Our expertise at Alpha Plus has helped the Industry, primarily the BFSI sector, advance technologically towards more robust solutions that directly help in streamlining their processes, thus making them more cost effective and efficient!

Our solution InstaCirculars+ (IC+) is an enterprise-wide system that helps in 'Quick & Easy Retrieval' of in-house circular-instructions, policies; while also automating the process of 'Creation and Dissemination' across the entire Organisation, at the click of a button!

IC+ serves as a one-stop repository of all the reference material located centrally & securely, bundled with a lot of additional features and functionalities. At any given point in time, IC+ ensures that each and every individual within the organisation has been empowered with all the relevant information to carry out their daily operations more efficiently.
Every organisation is bound by Regulatory guidelines basis which organisations define a framework issued via Circular-instructions / Policies, for their employees to work within. These 'internal guidelines' need to be well structured and most importantly made easily available to the employees in order for them to perform their daily functions.

The amount of time & effort that goes in the to and fro communication during the entire creation and approval process of a circular-instruction normally tends to get ignored which in-turn has an impact on efficiency.

When most of the communication takes place via e-mails within the organization, it leads to clogging of the mailboxes with thousands of 'Unread' mails, taking up a lot of bandwidth; thereby slowing down systems. Again, uploading PDFs on a shared folder does not provide for the flexibility of having a smart search engine for ease of retrieval.

A lot of queries arising from the instructions, coming in from the branches, are usually answered via phone calls and e-mails, thus making it a repeated one-to-one communication on the same query at times.

In short, there is a need of a central hub that houses all types of internal communication be it circular- instructions, policies, manuals, queries etc. that need to be referred instantaneously!
Regulators are coming down heavy on the quick dissemination of critical information across the organization. The aim should be that every employee must be well acquainted with the 'latest' instructions that are being percolated down the line from the Senior Management. Furthermore, while reading through a particular instruction, one should be able to easily navigate to other related references or even raise a query on the same.

Is this critical information readily available to all the employees for quick decision-making and better customer service? How user friendly is the retrieval mechanism? Is every employee aware of where exactly the information he/ she is looking for is located?

By placing the information on the intranet or a portal, do we know if the concerned assignee has really opened and read that instruction to appraise him/her-self?
IC+ is a rights-based, workflow driven system that automates and also replicates the entire process followed by an organisation during the creation of a circular instruction.

The entire circular creation process can be initiated through IC+ and follow a checker and approver process via the system. The final copy of the circular can then be published to the various assignees or the entire Organisation by a mere click of a button! System generated alerts are sent at every level which can be configured with e-mails.

The auto numbered circular then resides securely in the system with various additional features, for future reference of the employee. The system allows for uploading of other relevant reference materials like policies, SOPs, manuals, formats etc.

Now that all the reference material is centrally located, referring to the same using a powerful search engine is a cake walk!
As technology advances, IC+ goes a step ahead and allows for creation of any instruction online in 'HTML format' thereby making the system very light, taking minimum bandwidth and space. During the process of creating an instruction and getting it approved, it will allow to maintain a trail for future reference.

Furthermore, the system allows the flexibility to run a full text search for any content appearing in the body of the instruction and does not limit it to just the title of the instruction. Think of how easy it will be for an employee at a branch or any client interfacing employee to get to the most relevant information within seconds, and respond/ service the customer promptly, thus branding the organization as 'customer friendly'!

IC+ looks at aiding the Senior Management's effort of streamlining their internal processes to increase their organizational efficiency by providing more than just a mere portal to their employees!
Each and every department of Banks, NBFCs, Mutual Fund Companies, Insurance Companies or any Organisation that defines boundaries for their employee to work within, can now effectively streamline all their internal communications percolating down from the Head Office to n-number of Branches/ Offices with the help of our solution InstaCirculars+.

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